My Dog decided that he is MY dog only….is that ok?

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Hi Angie, someone told me that you are a miracle worker; I’m not sure we need a miracle but we need help! We rescued our 5 year-old beagle in November. She is a great dog in that she doesn’t jump on people, doesn’t beg, or bark incessantly. She does however, [...]


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Dog owners often ask if it’s ok to play “tug” with their dog. I know some dog trainers/behaviorist believe it is not a good idea. I have a little different opinion; and not being one to ever hold back my opinion, here it comes! I think dogs love to play [...]

FAQ: Help! My DOG goes CRAZY when he sees a BIKE

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Angie, I don’t know what to do with our collie and bikes. He goes crazy when he sees a bike. He actually foams at the mouth and bites me when I try to calm him down with reassurance that it is ok, that it won’t hurt him. I am at [...]

FAQ: How do I teach my dog to respect my cats?

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“Hi Angie, We purchased your DVD and totally agree with your methods! We have a new pet that has been with us for 7days and we have just completed our first day of 3 Dog Days. It is going extremely well. We have 2 cats that we want to introduce [...]

My Dog Barks at Me when I am Eating

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FAQ: "HI Angie, We’ve had our rescue dog since February 11th. She was pretty timid and scared at first and had been a stray and underweight for a while. “3 Dog Days” was a tremendous help! Lately, now that she is comfortable, she has been showing signs of aggression: growling [...]

5 LBS V. 55 LBS

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A friend brought her toy poodle, Gigi, over to visit. Gigi is 5 pounds…….Hustle is 55 pounds. Can big dogs and little dogs play? Yes. Can the big dog touch the little dog? No. I feel for little dogs because they don’t usually have much opportunity to play dog [...]