Fear and Anxiety


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Q: Angie, Do you have any training tips that you can share with our foster mom? I pulled her foster from a shelter. He is a beautifully bred young (estimated to be around 18 months old) male collie. He was a stray and my thoughts are that he was set [...]


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Well, Junior is finally in rehab! When I first met Junior I thought he might have a neurological problem. His eyes darted back and forth like a child that spins himself around in a tight circle for 5 minutes and then suddenly stops! There was NO focus, just quickly darting [...]


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  Dogs change quickly with the right information!!! This is Toby two minutes into his in-home behavior consult for OVER EXCITEMENT! Toby’s family purchased “3 Dog Days” but also wanted a home consult since they live close by. Toby would charge all guest when they came through the door and [...]

Fearful Dogs. A Candy Bar Doesn’t Kill the Boogie Man

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Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of fear cases……probably second only to aggression issues……which are usually caused by fear in the first place! So, what I’m saying is…….fear is a big deal issue for dogs in our society. Like most people, my heart breaks when I see dogs struggling [...]


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Q - Hi Angie, I had a question. I have a 15 yr old dog that does incredibly well for her age (never messes.)  As of late, she is having a hard time on the hardwood floors and now stays on the carpet and doesn’t want to walk on the [...]