“There are very few people in this world I trust with my dog, because my dog is my child. Angie tops that list, hands down.”

Jessica B

“Hi Angie. I just saw your videos and LOVE your techniques. Thank you for sharing your amazing methods!”

Rachel W, Pup Love Rescue, AZ

“Dog-training videos that are simple, effective, AND engaging.”

Robert V, German Shepherd Adventures

“Mia’s vicious attacks have not re-occurred and she is now a ‘perfect lady’. God bless you for the work you do—you helped us avert a real tragedy.”

Sheryl K

If everyone getting a puppy would watch your ‘Puppy Parenting Program’, puppies wouldn’t be filling the shelters.

Dawn W

“A must for every to be dog owner, that wishes to adopt or rescue a dog. I found the information fascinating and I’ve had dogs my entire life.”

Mark R
Hustle and Angie
Hustle and AngieDog Parent Educators
Angie Winters founded Angie4Dogs in 2012 with a clear objective…”To make the world a much better place for dogs and keep them in their homes.”  The Angie4Dogs’ team strives to accomplish this by providing families with innovative, fun, educational videos that are truly simple and effective.

These ground-breaking dog parenting and adoption programs were developed based on decades of Angie’s love and study of dogs; and her desire to bridge the gap of understanding between them and the people they love.