Are most dogs that live with humans loved? Yes! Are most dogs that live with humans excited? Yes! Are most dogs that live with humans BORED? YES!!!! They are under exercised and under challenged. Let’s face it, by the time we take care of kids, work and the pressures of everyday life; it’s down right hard to meet those needs for our dog family members. It’s hard, but not impossible and very necessary. With a little planning, it can become an easy part of our daily routine – like brushing our teeth. Let’s take a look at how to enrich your dog’s life.

I mix a few (just about 6 or 7 )tiny, tiny pieces of hot dogs with Hustle’s regular dog food, place it in a treat ball and let him figure out how to get his dinner. It didn’t take long! The pieces of hot dogs need to be about the size of the dog food and the smell of this high-value treat encourages dogs to keep working at the ball. Then, as they start being successful….bingo! Every once in a while they hit the jackpot with a piece of hot dog. It keeps them going for it.

Check out this video of Hustle working his treat ball.

Anyone who owns a border collie knows, if any dog in the world needs a challenge, it’s a border collie.

I use the hot dogs very sparingly and only feed with treat ball a couple of times a week. Keep in mind, you need to cut down on other food and treats when you supplement with any special treats. Always keep the amount of calories your dog gets in a day consistent. Having dogs work for their food is natural. It helps fulfill them in a family life where a lot of their natural behaviors are reigned in by their human parents.

Get Creative!

We demand they live and behave a certain way in our houses and yards, so lets give back a little. Put on your thinking cap and challenge them. Buy a rubber dog toy and fill it with peanut butter to leave with them in their crate (bed) when you’re gone. Give them bully bones to chew. Invest in a treat ball for feeding sometimes. Hide toys or food and have them search for them. Challenge them! They will love you for it and it’s a simple area where you can return a small portion of the joy your dog brings to you everyday.