Dog Parenting

Getting a new dog?  Great!  But first, avoid the 5 biggest dog parenting mistakes:


1. Not deciding on the family rules beforehand

Dogs can tell very quickly when we are unsure about something, and they don’t trust parents who are indecisive. Decide on a few, clear rules and enforce them in a respectful way – always! It’s not fair and it’s very confusing for dogs when a certain behavior is allowed sometimes and not others.

2. Letting your dog run everywhere in your house 

When you bring a new dog home, his behavior and movements need to be guided and controlled by you. Keeping dogs leashed and with you, as shown in “3 Dog Days-rehab and training video” teaches respectful behavior and provides the support they need in each room of your house. These simple techniques, done correctly with  patience, are essential for adjustment to their new home and family. The “3 Dog Days” program will also work to “reset” a dog’s behavior that is already a part of your family.


3. Baby talk and petting at the wrong time

Praise MUST happen at the right moment because timing is everything when it comes to teaching dogs. Most parents accidentally baby talk or pet when their dog is fearful or unsure. This seals the deal and they will think you are agreeing with the fear – because you are! Give your dog what he needs, not what you feel like giving. Praise only when they are calm, respectful and confident.


4. Not giving dogs a crate

Many people mistakenly think of a dog crate as a “cage.” It is absolutely not, and should not, be treated as a cage. It is a comfy bed, an off-duty comfort area, a crib, and should be used as such. It’s a mistake to leave any dog or puppy in training alone in the house without being safely secured in their crate/bed. If they are left alone to run the house, you are most certainly setting them up to fail. Dogs need shown that crates are happy places, not sources of punishment.  Parents owe it to their dogs to educate themselves on the proper use of crates. The proper way to use a crate is outlined in the crate work section in “3 Dog Days: Rehab and Training Video,” available instantly on amazon here. If you’re an amazon prime member, you can even watch it for free.  The information found there is invaluable!



5. Playing with your hands

My number one dog behavior rule is “no teeth on humans, ever.” Family members, including parents, often wrestle their dog and swing their hands at the dog or puppy’s mouth while playing. This is a big mistake because you are teaching your dog to bite you! Always pick up a toy and direct your dog to the toy for play. How is your dog supposed to know he can’t bite you at other times or when he grows much larger and stronger? He doesn’t realize he’d bigger or that behavior isn’t allowed. Teaching your dog to bite you in play is the best way to get your kids or others hurt – and it won’t even be your dog’s fault – but he will be the one that looses his home and most likely his life. I cannot stress the importance of this rule enough and any biting should be disagreed with immediately.  Absolutely, No Teeth on Humans, Ever!


Enjoy your dogs!  They are one of life’s most precious gifts. Learn more about dog behaviorist Angie Winters and Watch 3 Dog Days instantly.