Dogs change quickly with the right information!!! This is Toby two minutes into his in-home behavior consult for OVER EXCITEMENT! Toby’s family purchased “3 Dog Days” but also wanted a home consult since they live close by. Toby would charge all guest when they came through the door and never stopped forcing people to pet him. He jumped on them over and over. His excitement never stopped no matter how long guests were there. Someone HAD to have their hand on him at all times or he would whine and jump and bark non-stop. That, or he had to be removed from the room, which is exactly the opposite of what dogs want! They want to be with people. We must show them how to be with people and have good manners so they can stay with us and can get petted and loved on. When I came through the door, I showed Toby (respectfully and in a way dogs understand) how he was expected to behave. Keep down the excitement and THEN…and only THEN… will you get all the lovin’ you want! Well, Toby wants his attention, so here is what he did to get it! A picture speaks a thousand words. With permission from Toby’s family…. I share this story and the following update: “Angie, Had to give you a little progress report…..we had a repairman at the house today for some work. He has been here before and loves dogs. So needless to say Toby goes nuts when he is here. We told him before he got here that Toby is training so do not talk to him or pet him. Toby did GREAT!! I had to back him up from the door and give him one poke. The handyman ignored him and while we were talking in the kitchen he went and laid down in the dining room facing away from us. Charley and I made several trips up and down the basement steps and Toby never moved. I am so amazed. Rewarded him with some pats and a milkbone. I cannot thank you enough.” Good Boy, Toby and Great Work to Toby’s family! Thank you for allowing me to work with you and Toby