Meet Angie

Angie Winters has spent 18+ years rehabilitating last chance rescue dogs, training puppies and teaching families. After a long medical battle, resulting in a life-changing revelation; she knew she change the world for dogs by providing what she had learned to dog parents in an easy to understand format

Meet Hustle

Hustle is Angie’s incredible border collie partner. He takes all his jobs very seriously and has spent his life helping with dog/human consultations and rehabilitating rescue dogs. He especially enjoys training puppies! Hustle checks in with Angie to make sure he’s doing things correctly, but has become so wise he makes a lot of decisions himself….and they work! 

“To save dogs and cure their severe emotional issues, I had to unravel exactly how they think and feel. The more difficult the case, the more I learned ~ the dogs were teaching me. I refined my techniques until I was able to consistently bring back a happy dog mind.”

-Angie Winters, Dog Behaviorist and Dog Mom