Dogs change quickly with the right information!!! This is Toby two minutes into his in-home behavior consult for OVER EXCITEMENT! Toby’s family purchased “3 Dog Days” but also wanted a home consult since they live close by. Toby would charge all guest when they came through the door and never stopped forcing people to [...]

What is Dog Parenting?

What exactly is dog parenting? Most dog parents instinctively know they need to provide love and guidance to their dogs, just as they know their children need the same thing. True parenting of a dog is not over-powering the dog and wrestling him into submission. It’s not bullying a dog into being afraid of you. [...]

Avoid the 5 biggest dog parenting mistakes

Getting a new dog?  Great!  But first, avoid the 5 biggest dog parenting mistakes:   1. Not deciding on the family rules beforehand - Dogs can tell very quickly when we are unsure about something, and they don’t trust parents who are indecisive. Decide on a few, clear rules and enforce them in [...]