Avoid the 5 biggest dog parenting mistakes

Getting a new dog?  Great!  But first, avoid the 5 biggest dog parenting mistakes:   1. Not deciding on the family rules beforehand - Dogs can tell very quickly when we are unsure about something, and they don’t trust parents who are indecisive. Decide on a few, clear rules and enforce them in [...]

Kidproofing Your Dog

Many years ago – about 18 if we’re counting - I came across the first book I now consider to be about dog emotions and how dogs see their world. I’d studied many dog-training books but still had some unwanted behavioral issues I couldn’t resolve. For example everything you read on dog training told you, if [...]

Does your Dog Think Chewing Everything in the House is HIS JOB?

Does your dog think chewing everything is his job and he is a workaholic? Excessive Chewing can push even the most devoted dog parent to the breaking point, but here’s how I advise clearing up this misunderstanding… The “3 Dog Days” system works wonders when first bringing dogs home, and can be used to rehabilitate [...]