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Become an Awesome Dog Parent Today!

This innovative adoption and rehabilitation “3 Dog Days” system quickly and effectively helps your new dog family member adjust and relax, while simultaneously teaching good behaviors.  It’s a must for all adopters, shelters and rescues. It was, specifically, developed by Angie so dogs would be treated respectfully while also learning the family rules.  This is how we keep dogs in their homes! If you already have a dog that struggles with behavior issues, working this system will help “reset” your relationship and your dog’s behavior.  This video has a 30 minute run time and is best suited for dogs over 4 months old.

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Become an Awesome Dog Parent Today!

This innovative adoption and rehabilitation “3 Dog Days” system quickly and effectively helps your new dog family member adjust and relax, while simultaneously teaching good behaviors.  It’s a must for all adopters, shelters and rescues. It was, specifically, developed by Angie so dogs would be treated respectfully while also learning the family rules.  This is how we keep dogs in their homes! If you already have a dog that struggles with behavior issues, working this system will help “reset” your relationship and your dog’s behavior.  This video has a 30 minute run time and is best suited for dogs over 4 months old.

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40 reviews for 3 Dog Days

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Angie Winters has captured the secret to a happy, well behaved, family dog and guess what? It’s easy! While watching this video about dog behavior, not dog training, it all becomes so clear! If you are willing to devote just 3 days to your beloved dog over 4 months old, you and your dog will be happier, calmer and secure in your places in your relationship. New dog, or established family pet, “your dog is ready to start over whenever you are!” I can’t recommend this DVD enough!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Angie makes the process easy with this video, hitting on all the major issues that come into play when you bring a new dog into your home. I’m a foster, so I bring dogs in allll the time, and then upon adoption, I recommend actions to the adopting households to help them incorporate my foster dog into their family. Angie’s video is right on target on helping foster, new adoption families, or even existing dogs learn the best behaviors.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    L. Brockson

    Angie is Wonderful!

    I am a dog rescuer and have utilized 3 Dog Days on many of my foster dogs. However, it isn’t just about the 3 Dog Days, but the approach of dog psychology in general (which, with Angie’s guidance, I have used on my personal dogs in various situations, always with wonderful outcomes). I cannot say enough positive things about this DVD! My sister recently got a dog, and I immediately gave her my copy of the DVD and told her to watch it — and then give it back to me!! If you’re looking for a video to help you and your dog have the best relationship possible, this is worth your money several times over!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    E. Fife

    We have two dogs from shelters and even though we have had them for awhile and have tried different “training” methods, we have struggled with behavior issues. The 3 Dog Days DVD helped us so much! Angie’s approach to dogs using dog psychology makes so much sense and allowed us to gain control of our dogs and establish ourselves as leaders in our home. Even though our dogs’ bad habits were well established, we followed her system and saw immediate results. Her DVD is easy to understand and her approach applies to so many issues we were having with our dogs. I was amazed at how quickly the dynamic changed in our home. We are finally able to enjoy our dogs instead of being anxious about their behavior. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog or would like to establish a better relationship with a dog they already have.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lilly Jem

    This 3 Dog Days DVD is a MUST HAVE for any dog owner. Even if you’ve had your dog for years, this system will improve your relationship. Definitely something I will use on all future dogs and foster dogs. Watching this DVD and implementing her system by spending 3 solid days with your dog will provide you with YEARS of a loving, and easy dog-human relationship. It is worth the money SO many times over. My life and the life of my dogs will never be the same. This system is revolutionary, yet so easy. Angie’s philosophy makes so much sense and you will see results quickly if you follow the system. Best money I’ve ever spent.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer M.

    3 Dogs Days was recommended by a friend, and wow. I wish I’d have had this DVD before I went through 5 years of turmoil trying to train my older dogs the old fashioned way. I love Angie’s style – firm but supportive; kind of like a more up-to-date Cesar Milan – and I love her methods. My dogs still benefited from what I learned, even though I consider them to be already trained.

    I figure that if dogs are part of our family, then we have an obligation to do right by them. That doesn’t mean dressing them up; that means giving them the stability and structure they need to be happy. (Then you can dress them up later haha.) I’m glad I got this!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve watched dozens of videos on shelter dogs. This is a fantastic video about how to introduce the dog to your home. The “can” vs. “may” dog psychology could keep your pet from jumping out of the car when the door is open. Very concise and helpful. THANK YOU! I would like to see more about what to do after 3 dog days, but I guess that could be left to the individuals and their preferences.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fantastic! 3 Dog Days was a very informative video for anyone bringing a new dog into their home. My family and I watched the video over a dozen times in preparation for our new dog and several times while crate training. Angie’s methods for positive reinforcement of good behaviors is great and the firm and respectful elimination of unwanted behaviors is also outstanding. After the 3 days, our 1 year old lab is looking to us to go outside when the door is opened and understands the snap and look. It laid a solid foundation for the work ahead in getting to know our dog and her getting to know us. Angie’s blog and supplemental information on youtube shows “real life” application of 3 Dog Days and how you can tailor it to your dog.

    In future videos, I’d hope to see a bit more detail on how to use the 3 Dog Days kit and when to introduce certain items. I’d also love to see more followup videos on dog behavior from Angie.

    Understanding dog psychology is really at the root over everything.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    A. Banks

    Have a dog, or will soon? YOU NEED THIS VIDEO!

    My family was lucky enough to adopt a dog recently and we used the 3 Dog Days system before bringing him in to our home. Our foster dog acclimated so quickly in to our home by following everything Angie took us through on the video. We watched it numerous times in the week before taking him in, even our 6 year old son watched it so that he would understand the importance of the system and know exactly what he needed to do. We now have a dog who respects us as leaders, knows how we want him to behave, looks to us for approval before running out the door, goes in to the crate without any hesitation….the list of a perfect dog goes on and on! I’m not sure where we’d be today had we not taken the time to do the “3 Dog Days” system. Angie walks you through each phase in an easy-to-understand way that really makes sense. This is a fantastic video, especially for first time dog owners, but the amazing thing about this video (and dogs) is that even a dog you’ve had for years can benefit from 3 Dog Days.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ohio Mom

    I will tell you up front that I have known Angie Winters for quite some time. When I met Angie, it was immediately obvious to me that she loves animals in general and dogs in particular. She is truly dedicated to making life better for dogs and their people.

    3 Dog Days is a labor of love in which Angie will help dog owners learn to think from a dog’s perspective to establish a happy, healthy connection between dogs and the people they live with. Once that base trust and understanding is established, the canine / human relationship can flourish. Lacking such a level of trust or understanding can lead to behavior problems. It is essential that any newly adopted dog be introduced properly into the home and Angie shows you how to do it successfully.

    I have seen firsthand the amazing results that Angie gets applying the 3 Dog Days system with the rescue dogs she helps. I don’t use the word amazing lightly here – it really is. To see a dog who is wild and out of control quickly learn that he is not in charge and HAPPILY accept the new rules and his place in the world as a respectful pet is quite something. On the other end of the spectrum…to witness a dog who is scared of people learn to trust again and become happy is a joy as well.

    I highly recommend you get 3 Dog Days and let Angie share this simple yet powerful system with you.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    Angie is Amazing!

    If you own a dog, you need to get this DVD! Angie has an amazing rapport with dogs and an uncanny understanding of dog psychology. She has created a revolutionary technique, that allows dog owners to become the leaders their dogs need while respectfully training their dogs to be happier and well behaved. I have now witnessed Angie’s “3 Dog Days” technique work on two very different dogs with two very difficult behavioral problems.

    At about age 3, our oldest dog, Bailey, began marking inside our home and nothing we tried seemed to do any good or stem that awful habit. We had to segregate Bailey to protect our home and this went on for several years until I heard of Angie and her dog training technique. Angie taught us that because we were not asserting ourselves as the leaders, Bailey felt like HE needed to be the leader and protect the home. Our dog was scared and did the only thing he knew how to do…mark his territory to protect his home. Using Angie’s 3 Dog Day technique, I was able in three short days to undo years of bad behavior! It was a miracle! Now, our dog looks to us to be the leaders and is more relaxed and feels less threatened by the unseen challenges he previously was reacting to.

    Recently, I witnessed another dog undergo this type of training. My son owns a Jack Russell – Rat Terrier mix named Swisher. This poor little guy was much more anxious and nervous reacting wildly to any type of noise. He would especially freak out at thunder and become inconsolable and lash out often hurting himself and destroying things around him in the process. This little guy also become quite aggressive toward other dogs and eventually toward my son when my son tried to control him. The dog would bark and demand attention constantly and when my son tried to correct him simply by saying NO, the dog would lunge and try to bite him. Obviously, Swisher was miserable and so was my son. Some dogs are harder to train than others and in Swisher’s case, my son needed to spend more time with the technique. Swisher eventually learned to look to my son as the leader and become less bothered by outside noises and more willing to relax and enjoy life rather than try to dominate it. He stopped barking and stopped challenging other dogs and my son. It is so heartwarming to see Swisher relax and begin to enjoy life which in turn allows my son to spend quality time with him. Everyone wins!!

    I tell everyone about this DVD and technique. It’s more about training you, the owner, how to be the leader….which in turn greatly enhances your relationship with your dog and creates a happier, healthier dog. I urge anyone who has a dog to try this! You simply need to dedicate three days to your dog which is nothing when you consider you are creating a lifetime of enjoyment for both of you.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    A Dog-Training DVD that is simple, effective, AND engaging. Hmmmmm…Sounds like the most difficult formula in the industry today. So many training dvd’s become victims of bad editing, poor production, or convoluted training methods that require too much explanation. Many others, while informative, are often boring. Well, now I’ve found a DVD that is entertaining, informative, and uses a methodology that IS something truly innovative…Common Sense, and sound canine psychology.

    The title of the DVD is, “3 Dog Days”, produced by Columbus, Ohio based Dog Behaviorist, Angie Winters, and “German Shepherd Adventures” gives it an enthusiastic 5 PAWS UP! (5 out of 5).

    It should be noted from the start that the methods here are NOT intended for dogs under 4 months of age, but are designed as lessons for teaching respect, structure, and leadership to your pet. They would be especially effective for Rescued dogs, or those taken into your home at a later time than puppyhood. That’s as close as I can get to a critical statement of the DVD…I truly hope that Angie produces more instructional dvd’s in the very near future, addressing other subjects such as bringing home a new puppy. She has a gift for understanding dogs, and teaching people what to do for them. Let’s get to the meat of the matter!

    “3 Dog Days” is based solidly on the owner being a LEADER. Ms. Winters first point is that her method provides “…firm structure in a respectful manner…never hit, kick, or yell” at your dog…Anger doesn’t teach anything” . (Now you can say the words, “that’s just common sense”) She further makes the point very clear, that this is all about the Relationship that exists between humans and dogs. It’s a very special and unique arrangement that effectively helps the team to develop a mutually supportive atmosphere based on trust between Leader and Follower. Winters has a sound understanding of how dogs think, and what they want from us in every day life, and she describes it very well.

    Using three techniques, (1) Silent Support (2) Companionship and Control and (3) Crate Work, “3 Dog Days” will guide you both thru a weekend that will create an entirely new atmosphere in your home. These are very positive techniques, without being mired down by the “jargon” and “What does that Term mean?” of so many “positive training methods”. Again, this is just innovative “Common Sense” being used. Somewhere, we lost that in the science that has become so prevalent in dog training.

    “3 Dog Days” also utilizes the idea that each and every dog is a unique individual, requiring a different approach. This is the true strength of Ms. Winters approach. Her well-rounded, and flexible techniques allow for such needs, which makes the canine in the equation more at ease. Affect the dogs mind, to create a respectful relationship…This is powerfully demonstrated by the use of a “feral”, completely untrained dog, undergoing the transformation into an ideal pet dog.

    One outstanding method used here, is the most difficult to master for the human. KEEP SILENT while training. Do Not use the voice to calm the dog. All of us talk too much in this relationship and learning Silent Support will push you into a powerful tool in training your dog.

    Body Language is another tool in the “3 Dog Days” that you will learn. Our dogs watch us closely, far more so than we as humans do. Focusing on that will be a revelation to some. Using the snap of a finger, Winters corrects the dog from a distance, and gets the results that make your dog the well-behaved pet you desire. Achieving Leadership, Leadership, and Leadership are the backbone of the “3 Dog Days” method. The dogs mind, and personality , are both fully engaged by the trainer/owner. The steps to follow are clearly and easily explained in their entirety. Many instructional dvds today seem to hold back small details from the viewer, so as to create a need for another DVD, to explain even further. “3 Dog Days” gives you every detail the first time…

    Mention should also be given about the technical details of the “3 Dog Days”. If you have ever watched DVDs from Leerburg productions, you have found them instructive and interesting. But they have taken little care in their editing. Spelling errors and other glitches are common, and annoying. “3 Dog Days” was produced by professionals that crossed all the “T’s”, and dotted all the “I’s”. The settings and lighting were well designed and easy on the eyes. The best compliment I can give is that this dvd is one that you will watch over and over again! “Common Sense” has found a home in the world of canine training!!!

    In conclusion, I need to explain something about the title of this review, in which the words “Bubble Bath” appear. In a wonderful moment of whimsy and humanness, Winters demonstrates that your dog and his training should be FUN!!! That’s all the detail I’ll give on that. But the fact that this very instructional and informative DVD doesn’t take dog-training rigidly serious, will surprise and delight you!!!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Happy C

    Great tips on acclimating a new adult dog into your family and how to establish boundaries from the very start. I used this when I brought home my Lab that I got through a rescue organization and it was so helpful. I had my children watch it too, before we brought her home. I did kind of tweak the rules a bit though, in that I wasn’t completely silent with my dog for the first three days or not making eye contact with her. I did pat her and talk to her every now and then, and Angie discourages that to some extent. She said it causes separation anxiety when you do this but my dog hasn’t had that problem at all. This probably depends on the age of the dog, as I could see with younger, more hyper dogs, Angie’s probably spot on about keeping the interaction minimal at first. My dog is 8 and very sweet and easy going. Some petting and gentle talking didn’t set her back during her acclimation period. I did use the crate training techniques she suggested to a tee and they worked perfectly. My dog has never been in a crate as far as we know and now she loves hers. She willingly goes into it when I tell her to or just on her own. She has been with us for two weeks now and she is very well behaved. After using Angie’s techniques, she doesn’t rush past me down the stairs or out of or into the house or jump out of the car until I tell her she can. She doesn’t try to tear up our stuff or counter surf, which the foster owner warned she would do. I attribute her not doing any of that because I set expectations with her up front, using Angie’s video to do this. Highly recommend this. It’s not long and it is very “how to”, which I love. I want to be told how to do something. Not told about the theory behind why I’d want to do it, and Angie is good about getting to the point.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    I got a rescue and after the first week I felt like I was in way over my head with a high-energy, totally untrained, nearly wild dog…I was sincerely worried we would be another human family that would fail him. I did NOT want to send him back to the pound, so I ordered and tried “3 Dog Days”. The good news is, despite the fact we did not do the program within the initial days of ownership, it still worked beautifully. Our new pal is much calmer and very happy in his new home…it has also made him extremely responsive to basic obedience training. We are on our way to having a perfect new member to our family. The point is, Winter’s system can work at any time with any dog. Even with a really high-strung dog, you could probably just keep doing the 3 day program for a few more days until he or she fully “gets it”. It is also worth noting that this system has also helped to establish mutual respect between the new guy and our old senior dog we already owned…a big hooray for no squabbles in a potentially volatile situation. Both dogs are stable and know how to behave with one another as well as with us. This is a great way to give a crash-course in basic manners and respect to your new rescue…I recommend this to both new dog owners and seasoned veterans who want to make sure they can do a really good job with a new pet. Maximum results in minimal time!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    Looking for a no-nonsense dog training method? Here it is. Angie’s training method makes so much sense, I wish I had used it on my own kids. No treats, no yelling, no brutal leash techniques. Angie truly has a gift with dogs, and by the time you have success with your own dog, you’ll swear you have the same gift. This video is not painstakingly long and she gets right down to business. She also has a blog where you can go to get any additional help if needed. I very highly recommend this video. One very important note: be sure the dog you are training is at least, at very minimum, 4 months old. As of this writing, my 4 1/2-month-old cocker is still a bit too young mentally (too much puppy) to grasp the whole meaning, but she did make some noticeable improvement after using Angie’s “3 Dog Day” method. I am going to revisit this method again in another month. It only takes 3 days. So don’t use treats to train your dog’s BEHAVIOR; use treats to teach your dog tricks, like shake, roll over and do the “Funky Chicken.” Use Angie’s method to help your dog understand that YOU are the boss, the “pack leader.” This is just the first and most important step to having a well-balanced member of your family. This method can be used any time, even if your dog has been with you for years, or if you adopt an older dog. Her “3 Dog Day” method is not intended cure your dog’s behavior, but to get him/her to pay attention and start listening to YOU, and your other family members, so your other training will go much better and faster. Actually, Angie’s method is designed to train YOU, and your other family members, and rehabilitate your dog. This will help you get him/her started on the road to being someone you can be very proud of.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent, direct, and to the point! It works!

    Highly recommended!

  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great information.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff From Columbus

    Great video, very well organized and presented. Makes sense and it is starting to payoff for my dog and I. Great job – keep them coming!!
    Thanks Angie!

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Welding girl

    Good, really good

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    Short but very good basic training for introducing new dogs into the family.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rohdonda Hardin

    I was having an issue with my pug barking a lot. I actually hired Angie and I purchased the video too. Angie is great and her video is short, and to the point. There are several topics of behavior issues that she reviews. I have watched this video a few times and I pick up something new each time. I highly recommend it. I believe we need to train the owners and our pets will follow our lead. This is very helpful. Well worth the money.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Lanctot

    This is a must for every to be dog owner, that wishes to adopt or rescue a dog. I found the information fascinating and I’ve had dogs my entire life.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5


    helped us tremendously

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am a first time dog owner and brought home a shelter dog. After taking her off the leash on the 4th day, she is amazingly well behaved in the house. She’s still feeling out her non-shelter situation, but she looks to us and doesn’t run out the doors. This video was a great start to bond together and gave me a better understanding of how to treat a dog and give her what she needs, rather than what I think she would need to get acclimated.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just finished the video and it is just what I was looking for. Our dogs in the past were not as well behaved as I thought they might be, but I just wasn’t sure where to turn to change that behavior. This video makes total sense and is so simple in its psychology. I knew that you needed to establish yourself as a leader, but was just never sure how to do it. Angie makes it clear and very simple and easy to follow way!

    Buy this DVD if you are looking for guidance on how to make a rescue dog your own or a current pet even greater. Once you understand her simple philosophy it all becomes easy.

    Thanks, Angie.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am a first time dog owner. This video was insightful, educational and very helpful. I watched it alone and then thought it was important to share it with each family member, so we could all incorporate Mrs. Winter’s methods into our training (both human and canine…lol.) The video is concise, focusing on the core of establishing a well trained dog. She shares gems of dog psychology throughout the video, and in this manner she really gives a great deal of what’s needed for the vast area of dog training.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth III

    We brought home a 5 year-old dog from our local animal rescue and, although the dog already had learned some good habits, I did not understand the anxiety that the dog was undergoing. After watching this, I was able to work with my dog and his behavior and “separation anxiety” have significantly improved. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to understand how their dog thinks. to improve or prevent bad habits, and/or to have a closer relationship with their dog.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tania Cole

    I got a dog from the shelter and had to take her back because she developed some bad habits by my spoiling behavior. After, I bought this DVD, and it had all the answers to train a new dog to be the perfect, obedient, loving dog. Please get the DVD before getting a new dog. It will help your dog and you both can bond beautifully.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5


    For our family, this DVD is an answer to prayer–literally! I am so thankful that we found Angie Winters!

    It is very clear that Angie is a gifted dog behaviorist. Her experience includes working with rescue dogs for
    10 years. Angie’s wide range of experience, research, knowledge and personal insight has enabled her to create a program that has been recommended by foster/rescue workers–and I’ve seen an interview about her successful work with search and rescue dogs.

    I believe the program that Angie has developed (and shares on this DVD) is extremely valuable–particularly for the thousands of individuals and families that are looking to adopt dogs from shelter/foster environments!

    Previously, our family had a very bad experience when we adopted an abused dog from a shelter. If only we
    had this DVD then! My hope is that Rescue Organizations around the world will begin recommending this DVD
    on a regular basis to help new owners transition their dogs. I believe that this is the best way to create a solid foundation to build a wonderful relationship with your dog.

    I like the fact that this is NOT a long, drawn-out DVD. Instead, it is easy to watch and packed full of valuable information and tools. Our family watched it several times before adopting our rescue dog, and learned something new each time we watched!

    I can’t recommend this DVD highly enough and will be telling every dog owner and potential dog owner I know about it!

  30. Rated 5 out of 5


    3 Dog Days was a very informative video for anyone bringing a new dog into their home. My family and I watched the video over a dozen times in preparation for our new dog and several times while crate training. Angie’s methods for positive reinforcement of good behaviors is great and the firm and respectful elimination of unwanted behaviors is also outstanding. After the 3 days, our 1 year old lab is looking to us to go outside when the door is opened and understands the snap and look. It laid a solid foundation for the work ahead in getting to know our dog and her getting to know us. Angie’s blog and supplemental information on youtube shows “real life” application of 3 Dog Days and how you can tailor it to your dog.

    In future videos, I’d hope to see a bit more detail on how to use the 3 Dog Days kit and when to introduce certain items. I’d also love to see more followup videos on dog behavior from Angie.

    Understanding dog psychology is really at the root over everything.

    Thank you Angie!

  31. Rated 5 out of 5


    I can not even begin to describe how well Angie explains just how 3 days can change a dogs entire outlook on life! I deal with difficult behavioral cases often as well as work with rescues and when I saw this video I thought EVERY FOSTER should have to watch this…no no EVERY DOG OWNER! I try to explain to people the concept behind taking the dog everywhere with you and I don’t think they quite understand. This videois the perfect reference and explanation as well as shows the results and impact it can have on a dogs behavior to understand its boundries! I truly hope more and more dog owners and fosters view this video as it will help the introduction of new dogs, create overall balance in the home and set your or your foster dog up for the ultimate success!

  32. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wonderful! We used the 3 Dog Day techniques for two shelter dogs and are convinced it is the method for well adjusted dogs. Three days may seem like a long time, but the upfront effort pays off big. We watched the video several times to cement the techniques so we knew what to do when we brought each dog home. We also had our children and neighbors watch the video so they could be a part of the 3 day process. When we brought our second dog home, the first dog benefited from the calm, silent leadership we provided and the transition went smoothly. We now have two dogs who wait patiently at the stairs, at open doors, and in the car; two dogs who are calm in the house, even when we are gone; and two dogs who like being in their crates. They are loving, well behaved members of our family who are a joy to be around. Thanks to Angie, we all know how to “disagree” with a dog’s behavior in a way that helps the dog understand our expectations and do what we want. Thank you Angie, please continue making videos!

  33. Rated 5 out of 5


    Learning and applying Angie’s insights and techniques are like learning the secret code to communicate with your BFF (Best Furry Friend)!!!

  34. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martin J Kelly

    We have had several dogs over the years that we’ve never really bonded with due to the lack of understanding our dogs and them understanding what we expect. 3 Dog Days helped us to bond with our dog by explaining the psychology side of good training. Angie Winter’s video is not only light hearted… but even easy for our kids to follow and apply. It’s a training video like no other for the whole family!

  35. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jen R

    This was a simple to follow, wonderful training tool for training our dog. It is a short video, easy to understand and extremely helpful! Thank you 3 Dog Days!

  36. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have watched 3 Dog Days-three times since I received it in the mail a week ago. So much information, with such a simple approach. I own three dogs, I have tried various techniques and training in the past but nothing has worked so fast and so effectively as Angie’s intuitive system. She really has gotten ‘inside’ the dog’s head, and you will to, by watching 3 Dog Days. Thank you, Angie! I can now enjoy my wonderful dogs!

  37. Rated 5 out of 5


    We just brought a foster puppy home. We watched the video as a family several times before we got the dog. We are on day two and so far so good! We have found that the lack of words did seem to keep our puppy calm and we were able to become the leaders of her pack.

  38. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have watched this DVD 3 times so far, and it is perfect.
    Short and to the point, yet packed full of information. This is a highly effective and unique approach that is easy to understand and follow with the information being presented in a clear, effective way.
    Excellent for introducing new dogs to the family or improving your relationship with your current dog.
    I would definitely recommend this to dog owners and dog owners-to-be everywhere.

  39. Rated 5 out of 5

    Art Schultz

    Angie’s video helped us to train our dog Bella extremely quickly. We noticed changes in our dog’s behavior that same day! I liked it so well I got a video for my daughter to help train her new puppy Rocky! I would recommend this video to anyone with a dog.

  40. Rated 4 out of 5


    We viewed Angie’s video to prep to be the best “parents” we could be in anticipation of adopting a rescue dog. The video was very practical and easily applicable. We found the advice helpful because it was direct, understandable, and wasn’t surrounded with a lot of theory or unnecessary content. (We picked up some books by another dog expert from the library and found them almost unusable due to the flood of theory and lack of helpful, hands-on directions.) Our adoptive dog ended being a quick learner – she was already housebroken and pretty eager to please, so we adapted the method from the video for our own home. However, I can easily see the full three days being a huge help for puppies (that are old enough) or rescue dogs that haven’t lived with people before (or weren’t taught manners). The method here won’t fix every behavior problem, but the video lays a solid foundation for consistently communicating leadership and balance to your dog.

    The only reason I give this four stars instead of five is that it’s almost a bit too short (though at 30 minutes, it’s easily watched and rewatched). We’d love to see more content from Angie that deals with other specific behavioral challenges. If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, puppy or rescue, I strongly recommend watching this once or twice to help get in the right mindset to be the best leader for your dog.

    Finally, I’d like to add that I emailed Angie via the contact information on her Website, and she answered back personally, addressing the specific situation discussed in my email. That’s impressive support and commitment to helping others be the best leaders possible.

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