Whether your dog struggles with extreme fear, aggression, or strange obsessions this one of a kind masterclass has the cure. Condensing more than 25 years of Angie’s experience into 7 information packed segments, this program gives you the tools to effectively communicate with your dog and eliminate unwanted behaviors. Angie explains her exclusive techniques in an easy to understand format including real life video examples and animation. With a total run time of over 3 hours, “Fixing Fear” is truly the holy grail of dog emotion understanding. *Sections should be watched in order the first time through. Learn more

Potty training, crate training, and teaching good manners should not be difficult or frustrating! This 5 part, educational series makes guiding your puppy or adult dog quick and easy.  This program is packed full of desperately needed information and techniques that are effective, yet protect a dog’s sensitive soul. The revolutionary “Guidance” and “Potty Training” sections will show you exactly how to get a happy, well-behaved family member. Real life teaching situations, captured and clearly explained in video form, set Angie’s system apart from all other dog training information you’ve seen before.  The 5 sections of this video program have a total run time of 1 hour, 26 minutes.  *Sections should be watched in order the first time through. Learn more

Don’t just hope for a successful adoption, ensure it! This innovative & easy “3 Dog Days” system quickly and effectively helps your new dog  adjust and relax, while simultaneously teaching good behaviors.  It’s a must for all adopters, shelters and rescues. It was specifically developed by Angie so dogs will be treated respectfully while learning the family rules.  These strategies keeps dogs in their homes! *This program should only be used for dogs 4 months or older; younger puppies should use the “Puppy Parenting Program”