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  • Learn everything you need to know raise a new puppy and parent your dog
  • Teaches you techniques that are effective, yet protect your puppy’s sensitive soul
  • 90 mins of real life teaching situations, clearly explained in video form
  • Lifetime access and rental options available
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Loyal Companions: At Home and On the Road

Angie4Dogs Has Been Seen In:

“3 Dog Days”- Love, Leadership, and a nice Bubble Bath…

Angie4Dogs Has Been Seen In:

Dog Therapy with Angie Winters
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“I recommend this to both new dog owners and seasoned veterans… Maximum results in minimal time!”
-- A.C.
“I have now witnessed Angie’s “3 Dog Days” technique work on two very different dogs with two very difficult behavioral problems.”
-- Collen
“If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, puppy or rescue, I strongly recommend watching this once or twice to help get in the right mindset to be the best leader for your dog.”
-- Aranion
“It laid a solid foundation for the work ahead in getting to know our dog and her getting to know us.”
-- T7
“This video is the perfect reference and explanation as well as shows the results and impact it can have on a dogs behavior”
-- Avidly Amazon
“The program that Angie has developed is extremely valuable–particularly for the thousands of individuals and families that are looking to adopt dogs from shelter/foster environments!”
-- Makuahine
“Great video, very well organized and presented. Makes sense.”
-- Jeff
“I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to understand how their dog thinks, to improve or prevent bad habits, and/or to have a closer relationship with their dog”
-- Elizabeth III
“This video was a great start to bond together and gave me a better understanding of how to treat a dog and give her what she needs”
-- Alice
“This is very helpful. Well worth the money.”
-- Rohdonda H
“For our family, this DVD is an answer to prayer–literally! I am so thankful that we found Angie Winters!”
-- Makuahine

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