3 Dog Days

This innovative adoption and rehabilitation “3 Dog Days” system quickly and effectively helps your new dog family member adjust and relax, while simultaneously teaching good behaviors.  It’s a must for all adopters, shelters and rescues. It was, specifically, developed by Angie so dogs would be treated respectfully while also learning the family rules.  This is how we keep dogs in their homes! If you already have a dog that struggles with behavior issues, working this system will help “reset” your relationship and your dog’s behavior.  This video has a 30 minute run time and is best suited for dogs over 4 months old. Learn more

Unlimited Steaming – $12.99
Purchase The DVD – $12.99

Puppy and Dog Parenting

A 5 part, educational series designed by Angie to teach everything you need to know to raise your new puppy and parent your dog.  This program is packed full of desperately needed information and techniques that are effective, yet protect a dog’s sensitive soul. The revolutionary Guidance and Potty Training sections will show you exactly how to get a happy, well-behaved dog family member. Real life teaching situations, captured and clearly explained in video form, set Angie’s system apart from all other dog training information you’ve seen before.   The 5 sections of this video program have a total run time of 1 hour, 26 minutes.  Note:  Sections should be watched in order the first time through and most viewers have indicated they want to watch the series more than once. Learn more

Unlimited Streaming – $64.99
Purchase The DVD – $64.99