Appreciation For Angie and Her Programs

“We run a prison dog program in Oregon and follow your 3 Dog Days program every time we bring in a new dog and have every adopter watch it. It’s a huge part of our success placing dogs in their forever homes! If everyone getting a puppy would watch your Puppy Program first, puppies/dogs wouldn’t be filling the shelters.” – Dawn Wagner, Two Rivers Correctional Institute, OR

“Angie, we found your video so practical and easily applicable! We picked up some books by another trainer and found them almost unusable due to the flood of theory and lack of helpful, hands-on direct guidance.” –Michael M.

“You, Angie, are a visionary! Your videos are incredible.” –Bill P.

“Hi Angie. I just saw your video and LOVE your techniques. Thank you for sharing your amazing methods!”
Rachel Wierz, Paws2Read/Pup Love Rescue, AZ

“For our family, this program is an answer to prayer—literally! –Makuahine, Pacific Northwest

“I wish I had seen this sooner. After watching this, my dog’s behavior and separation anxiety has greatly improved.” –Elizabeth III

How Angie relates to dogs is wonderful. Her knowledge and approach is unlike any other trainer. Truly ground-breaking!” –Lisa P

“I can not even begin to describe how well Angie explains the concepts and how it can change a dogs entire outlook on life!” –Avidly Amazon

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“Mia’s vicious attacks have not re-occurred and she is now a “perfect lady”.  She is more secure and knows exactly what to do.  God bless you for the work you do—you helped us avert a real tragedy.” –Sheryl K.

“Angie gave us the knowledge to heal our adopted dog, Wilson, but she also gave us the information/training to help other dogs in need” –Angela M.

“There are very few people in this world I trust with my dog, because my dog is my child. Angie tops that list, hands down.” –Jessica B.

Angie4Dogs In The Media

Columbus Underground

Columbus Underground is an online media outlet based in Columbus, Ohio that creates unique exclusive content, provides a moderated community message board, and provides connections to other local media, blogs and online information.

It’s been a while since The Dog Whisperer left the airwaves. The program was a reality show that followed the adventures of Cesar Millan, a trainer with an infamously fabulous record for modifying the behavior of dogs. It left the Nat Geo Wild channel years ago, spent some time on Netflix, then disappeared completely.

Those who are still searching for dog advice will be pleased to learn that Columbus has its own version of Cesar Millan: Angie Winters. And while others might refer to her as the “Dog Whisperer”, she’s more comfortable with a different title, saying, “I usually call myself a Dog Behavior Consultant, or Behaviorist.” Winters says her training methodology isn’t typical.

She doesn’t use lots of dog treats, for example. Instead, she says her successful methods center more around developing a better leadership relationship between owners and their dogs. For Winters, it’s not about following commands, it’s about setting a tone. She explains, “Dogs already know how to read us. They watch our behavior very closely and they quickly assess whether we are respectful leaders, or not. If not, they generally do one of two things. They either step up to be the leader… or they become very insecure and fearful.” Winters adds, “In a dog’s mind, there must be a leader or the whole pack (family) is in danger.”

And so, if you’re trying to figure out how to manage an unruly canine, here are the three giant mistakes she sees the most in owners.
“Most dog owners want to be a leader to their dog but don’t know how or, mistakenly, think leadership means being harsh.” Winters advocates firm structure and clear “yes” or “no” commands.

“Humans read their dog’s over-excitement as happiness.” In fact, Winters contends this sort of over-excitement is often anxiety and anxiousness instead.
“People talk too much.” She says that dogs look more at body position than a jumble of words that might be emitted.

Less words: more message.
Got it.

If you find you need more words, you can check out for digital programs that Angie has developed to teach her techniques to the average dog owner.

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Almost Home Dog Rescue

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization that has rescued hundreds of dogs since our inception in 2003.

Angie Winters is a dog behaviorist and friend to AHDRO who has worked with and loved dogs her entire life.
Located in Columbus, Angie offers in-home consultations and helps educate owners through her website, digital programs, blog and Facebook page.

Angie believes that many dogs can recover from bad behaviors. Over the last nine years she has proven that once a dog understands that he has a loving, respectfully firm leader, he becomes compliant, calm, and cooperative.

Angie was raised around animals and involved with training dogs from a young age. Her love of dogs made her curious about how they think and react, which led her to a self-study of dog psychology. Her professional career took her in a different direction, but after nearly dying following a long illness, Angie realized what she really wanted to do with her life. From then she has dedicated her time to rehabilitating the dogs that no one could keep.

Some of these dogs have come to Angie from rescue groups; some from families. Their behaviors vary from aggression and separation anxiety to an overall fear of humans. These are the dogs that no one can deal with, trust around their children, or leave alone in their home. But Angie is not the only person who can “undo” these behaviors. By understanding how a dog thinks, anyone can provide the leadership a dog needs to be a loving pet.

Angie’s goal now is to educate pet owners and rescue group volunteers about how to improve bad behaviors and keep dogs out of shelters or from being euthanized. The method she uses redirects dog behavior by teaching people how dogs think; it is not training. While training has an important role, the first step for a dog is to let him know who is in charge.

Angie has created videos explaining her techniques and released 3  digital programs, available on her website at

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German Shepherd Adventures

German Shepherd Adventures is a blog made by a dog trainer who specializes in canine pursuits, including Search & Rescue, and Cadaver work.

A Dog-Training DVD that is simple, effective, AND engaging. Hmmmmm…Sounds like the most difficult formula in the industry today. So many training dvd’s become victims of bad editing, poor production, or convoluted training methods that require too much explanation. Many others, while informative, are often boring. Well, now I’ve found a DVD that is entertaining, informative, and uses a methodology that IS something truly innovative…Common Sense, and sound canine psychology.

The title of the DVD is, “3 Dog Days”, produced by Columbus, Ohio based Dog Behaviorist, Angie Winters, and “German Shepherd Adventures” gives it an enthusiastic 5 PAWS UP! (5 out of 5).

It should be noted from the start  that the methods here are NOT intended for dogs under 4 months of age, but are designed as lessons for teaching respect, structure, and leadership to your pet. They would be especially effective for Rescued dogs, or those taken into your home at a later time than puppyhood. That’s as close as I can get to a critical statement of the DVD…I truly hope that Angie produces more instructional dvd’s in the very near future, addressing other subjects such as bringing home a new puppy. She has a gift for understanding dogs, and teaching people what to do for them. Let’s get to the meat of the matter!
“3 Dog Days” is based solidly on the owner being a LEADER. Ms. Winters first point is that her method provides “…firm structure in a respectful manner…never hit, kick, or yell” at your dog…Anger doesn’t teach anything” . (Now you can say the words, “that’s just common sense”) She further makes the point very clear, that this is all about the Relationship that exists between humans and dogs. It’s a very special and unique arrangement that effectively helps the team to develop a mutually supportive atmosphere based on trust between Leader and Follower. Winters has a sound understanding of how dogs think, and what they want from us in every day life, and she describes it very well.

Using three techniques, (1) Silent Support (2) Companionship and Control and (3) Crate Work, “3 Dog Days” will guide you both thru a weekend that will create an entirely new atmosphere in your home. These are very positive techniques, without being mired down by the “jargon” and “What does that Term mean?” of so many “positive training methods”. Again, this is just innovative “Common Sense” being used. Somewhere, we lost that in the science that has become so prevalent in dog training.

“3 Dog Days” also utilizes the idea that each and every dog is a unique individual, requiring a different approach. This is the true strength of Ms. Winters approach. Her well-rounded, and flexible techniques allow for such needs, which makes the canine in the equation more at ease. Affect the dogs mind, to create a respectful relationship…This is powerfully demonstrated by the use of a “feral”, completely untrained dog, undergoing the transformation into an ideal pet dog.
One outstanding method used here, is the most difficult to master for the human. KEEP SILENT while training. Do Not use the voice to calm the dog. All of us talk too much in this relationship and learning Silent Support will push you into a powerful tool in training your dog.

Body Language is another tool in the “3 Dog Days” that you will learn. Our dogs watch us closely, far more so than we as humans do. Focusing on that will be a revelation to some. Using the snap of a finger, Winters corrects the dog from a distance, and gets the results that make your dog the well-behaved pet you desire. Achieving Leadership, Leadership, and Leadership are the backbone of the “3 Dog Days” method. The dogs mind, and personality , are both fully engaged by the trainer/owner. The steps to follow are clearly and easily explained in their entirety. Many instructional dvds today seem to hold back small details from the viewer, so as to create a need for another DVD, to explain even further. “3 Dog Days” gives you every detail the first time…

Mention should also be given about the technical details of the “3 Dog Days”. If you have ever watched DVDs from Leerburg productions, you have found them instructive and interesting. But they have taken little care in their editing. Spelling errors and other glitches are common, and annoying. “3 Dog Days” was produced by professionals that crossed all the “T’s”, and dotted all the “I’s”. The settings and lighting were well designed and easy on the eyes. The best compliment I can give is that this dvd is one that you will watch over and over again! “Common Sense” has found a home in the world of canine training!!!
In conclusion, I need to explain something about the title of this review, in which the words “Bubble Bath” appear. In a wonderful moment of whimsy and humanness, Winters demonstrates that your dog and his training should be FUN!!! That’s all the detail I’ll give on that. But the fact that this very instructional and informative DVD doesn’t take dog-training rigidly serious, will surprise and delight you!

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Dogs and Paws

Dogs and Paws is a highly active online informational blog for dog owners trying to find ways of making their dogs lives better.

3 Dog Days is a training system presented by Angie Winters that will work for any dog of any breed over four months old. This Program takes about 32 minutes to complete. Angie claims that her system will help rehabilitate a dog so that he can go to his forever home or if he already has a home, he can be rehabilitated so that he will be able to stay in his home. By following her guidance, you can correct behavioral issues that might exist with a particular dog. This program will help you correct issues with dominance, separation anxiety, fear, insecurity, low esteem, and obsession. The best part…it only takes three days to do it! This training system is simple but it requires a determined, focused effort on your part for those three days.

This video will teach you how, with consistent effort, to make your dog understand that he is required to have respectful behavior and that you are the one with the power. By following the instructions outlined in the program, you will establish that you are the leader. It shows you how to provide firm structure for your dog in a respectful way which will result in your dog knowing he is safe, knowing how he is expected to behave and knowing that he can relax and have a great dog life!

Angie believes that most dog problems develop because the dog’s motivations are misunderstood and/or because the dog has been comforted by humans in a way that unknowingly undermines the dog’s state of mind. She feels that understanding dog psychology or how a dog thinks is the key to getting your dog to cooperate and that dog training should come after dog psychology. Using dog psychology first, will help balance the dog and get him settled in his home. Once that is accomplished, you can start working on training your dog with simple commands such as sit, stay, etc.

3 Dog Days System consists of three rehabilitation techniques:

  • Silent Support
  • Companionship and Control
  • Crate Work
  • Once those have been completed Angie suggests that you follow these two training tips:
  • Never give a dog something for nothing
  • A tired dog is a good dog

I was very impressed with Angie’s training system. She explained her system very well and it was easy to understand. I feel like her system would be a good system to use if you are having behavioral problems with your dog or if you are bringing a new dog home. There is nothing difficult to this system. In fact, it is short and simple! Something that most of us are looking for.

I learned a lot from this Program. Not only did I learn Angie’s training techniques, but I learned ways to help with my dog’s behavior problems. I am going to try some of these with Scout, Teddy and Ash and see what happens! If your dog has behavior problems, you should try this video!

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