1209, 2016

Dog Tricks vs. Dog Emotions and Understanding

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Dog tricks require dogs to perform from a “do this and I will give you a treat” standpoint. However, some behaviors you want from your dog require they feel good about doing a perceived scary thing. For example, most dogs naturally fear standing on something that’s slick (think wood floors,) [...]

1209, 2016


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  Dogs change quickly with the right information!!! This is Toby two minutes into his in-home behavior consult for OVER EXCITEMENT! Toby’s family purchased “3 Dog Days” but also wanted a home consult since they live close by. Toby would charge all guest when they came through the door and [...]

1209, 2016

Does the “3 Dog Days” program help with potty and crate training?

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Q: Angie, I have a 8 month old maltese rescue that had never gone to the bathroom outside until we got him. Trying so hard to get him potty trained. We also have a 2 year old maltese that I took to work with me every day to a doggie [...]